Thursday, July 2, 2015

TO all of YOU This is NOT a Gambling Website NOR promoting any type of Casino or online Gambling of any Kind as MY sponsors DO NOT ALLOW IT This is ONLY a Way to GET the Gov't to Hear US and move forth as state senotor lesniak has in NJ!

UNDER THIS PIC IS LINK 100,000's already signed!
If your worried about spamming just create a new e mail account 
in g mail or yahoo or wherever you want and sign the petition all you do is enter your E mail address  no personal info is asked for 
push that URL all over face book twitter pininterest linkden etc... 
IF YOU want your counbtry to be put back to work DO IT just do it a few seconds of YOUR time is all thats needed  
NOW read on and watch the Video i created .

DON'T BE Stupid ! THis is real and will FIX the USA
NOW ! $2 to $3TRILLION a Year can be created to help the economy and PUT Millions of jobs Back and Create
100's of Millions of NEW JOBS !

HELLO, MY Dearest US citizen Friend YES YOU are My Friend and I'am YOURS and WE need each other to do what i ask of YOU after YOU realize that it can Be Done ! MY Name is BILL !
BTW See That Dollar Sign ? THAT was derived from the the two letters of our Country's name the U on Top of the Letter S ! 

I Strongly URGE YOU to Read this entire BLOG YOUR Future Depends on This and YOUR KIDS too if YOU have any YOUR life is in danger right now this country is going into revolt mode by end of 2016 Arm Your seleves secure your home and protect your family 

I do not care where YOU live it will be armageddon in USA unless the Gov't does good by US !
AS The Great J. Paul Getty once said ; "I'D rather have 10% EFFORT FROM 100 PEOPLE than 100% of MY Own!" 

I Need YOU to Tell every one in YOUR Blogs and E mail lists any one even spam them I do Not care because YOU are not selling anything here no one will complain ! 

EVEN if YOU DO Not Bet On Sports just tell others ! DO It Today Keep Contacting YOUR State REPS Every WEEK Keep sending This E mail ! ALSO at the presidents whitehouse website GIVE YOU Your Life Back DO Something about it and something will happen ! SIT on YOUR ass and nothing will happen ! WTF YOUR Sitting on YOUR Butt right now reading this !

I figure this can generate over 3 triilion $ a year INTO the US economy !
JUST Here in My city we have at least 900,000 people ages 18 and up that lose
an average of $5500 a year !

Thats a whopping total of $2,500,000,000 2 BILLION 500 Million Dollars a YEAR just here in ONE City population 1.8 Million !
Now think this multplied by thousands of large cities and towns ! we have over 300 million people in our country and I guarantee you that at laest 300 million are gambling in some form every day.

Creating hundreds of Millions of jobs in the USA !
Because it's 365 days a year! Imagine lower gas prices ,better health care ,
better educational systems,more social security funds , higher salaries for the working class ! THE overseas outsourcing will stop and bring back JOBS to the USA in a short time !
YOU may get call from YOUR Local state GOV's office also after sending out that E mail ! KEEP doing it once a week only takes a minute to do !

PLUS this fact confirmed here in PA the sports betting system is already programmed in the states LOTTERY system !
Also in many other states that have state lotteries !
Isnt it easier TO win $5 on a sporting event than to hit the daily number ?
YOU bet it is and YOU get 100% profit within 3 1/2 hours !
EVEN if YOU DO NOT know anything about any sport YOUR chances of winning are 50% It's either Team A or Team B regardless OF The Point spreads!
PLUS IF YOU Like a BIG Underdog to win the game YOU bet them that way
on the money line and BIG 10 point or 18 pt. underdog pays YOU a whopping
400-1 or 1200-1 ! YOU have a 50% chance to GET 400 to your $100 bet
or 4-1 on each dollar wagered LEGALLY !

READ ON now copy and paste this letter fill in your info
send it off once a week to every state REP and YOUR Governor!
Also send it off to the president at the whitehouse website !
only takes you 30 secs to do once a week !
Just 100,000 of us from every state doing this it will be heard !

THIs is the letter Form I Need YOU to send to your state Represenatives and congressman and to the president also use the links below plaese !
YOU may Edit it with YOUR own words BUT Keep the focus of LEGALIZED SPORTS BETTING and Gambling in every State in the USA a MUST to BE DONE !

HELLO Senator or Congressman or Sir president
MY Name is -------------- ! I have known for a long time that the restriction that Las Vegas holds over sports
betting is unconstitutional !
SO if all of the heads of the Senate and Congress had a meeting with the CEO's of the Sports Books in
Vegas and simply laid out the plan of the benefits to legalize sports betting in every state in this
Country TRILLIONS of Dollars would be availble to THE USA in pure profit and Vegas ! 

Well maybe NOT even have to deal with Las Vegas at all The President can put it into Law to Legalize Sports Betting Gambling in all states REMOVE the BAN set in 1992 ! 

Delaware has Gone through with it just NOW in MAY of 09 betting a 3 team parlay card !

YOU should be able to BET a Minimum of $5 on any game YOU want ! HEY i live 15 mins FROM Delaware GUess where I'm betting at this year ? 

THEY Estimate JUST this Football season alone TO have $500 MILLION Dollars BET ! Thats JUST one state for 22 weeks ! OMG imagine 50 states or just the 48 contiguous states of USA for the Full year 365 days HMMMM ! thats 24 Billion dollars JUST FOOTBALL SEASON ! $24,000,000,000.00 is 500 MILLON  X 48 states

#1 Problem would be stopped beacuse NO one Can accept Bets over the PHONE any more this is what
causes bettors to go broke because they bet without CASH in hand ! 

THEN the hard guys muscle beat them up rip thier homes apart to get whatever they can from them because they lost $1000's in weekend That's Irreparable Harm!

A Law would have to be
introduced to severly punish any individual who accepts BETS without printing a BET ticket and to
Those WHO place the BETS ! NO Second chances either ;ONE n DONE with FINES and or imprisonment !

#2 This would give us our Country Back more jobs for people would be created through the betting
industry especially in THE BIG cities who have PRO Sports teams like PHILA. NYC. CHI. LA. DALLAS.

#3 Health care would be availble lower gas prices and food prices a solid stable economy forever
funded by the gamblers !

#4 NO More fixing of amatuer Sports either by outside sources or BY the Players them selves it is
documented that 35% or More of Mens and ladies College Sports are fixed because THE KIDS on
Campus are Booking the games and The Players are shaving points or playing poorly beacuse they BET
the game or are in debt to these bookies This has Been going in college sports since 1952 ! OF Course NO Credit Cards can be used to place wagers
CASH Only or maybe a restricted amount can be set to place a wager that is no more than $100 in any day !

#5 Same min amounts as Vegas uses to be allowed like $5 per game NO Limit on MAXIMUM CASH wagers and Winnings Must be reported to the IRS with deduction of
losses and any fees used to place those wagers like traveling etc...
OF Course NO one UNDER 18 years of age Can place a BET NOR can any one accept or place a wager
for anyone UNDER 18 as a matter of fact NO one but themselves can place a wager !

THey must show proof of identity every time they place a wager and have their own personal PIN and ID
card with photo and THUMBPRINT must be created strictly for betting purposes !

This would prevent any illegal operation from either Side !
Now THE Bookies would make more money legally and not have to worry about getting Paid from
gamblers because they already have the CASH UP front !

I ask YOU to DO This to Stop our Country from going belly up OUR Factories have been closed down jobs lost to overseas countries for lower wages ! MADE In AMERICA doesen't exist anymore !
It's already Happend millions lost thier jobs and Homes !
I started this blog in 2002 it's getting worse every Year now in 2015 !

THE Benefits are probably MORE than i have listed and IT can BE Done !
Sincerest Regards

URL for all states reps E mail adresses n phone numbers

GO HERE to E mail the president !

thank YOU so much;


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